Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Mailinator Private Domains

The public Mailinator system has always had a privacy policy somewhere along the lines of "There is No Privacy". (see our Privacy Policy page for the more comprehensive version). It's no wonder then we call that part of the system "Public Mailinator" - the design of the system itself doesn't allow privacy. Every inbox is available to anyone.

People often think of that system as "disposable email" which isn't particularly wrong, but we more think of it as a website that accepts email. Forgot any notion you have of email "accounts" or "ownership". In the public system, every email and every inbox is public for every one.

This is why a few years ago we created the concept of Mailinator Private Domains and the Mailinator Private system. Many companies use Mailinator to test their Email Workflow. Whether that's automated testing of their sign-up system or load testing deliverability (and speed) of their next marketing campaign. Mailinator can give them trillions of different email addresses on tap.

No need to create accounts, anytime an email arrives at Mailinator (public or private), the inbox is created to house that incoming email. And that goes for Mailinator Private Domains too.

Subscribers to the system get their own private domain. And that's private like - completely private to their team. The system will assign a new subscriber a private domain immediately (i.e. it will most definitely be something other than That being said, subscribers can change their private domain to any domain that they own - e.g.

In either case you can use any inbox you want

Having your own private domain affords many more big advantages:

  • Unlike the public Mailinator system - you don't just see one inbox at a time. You can see ALL inboxes in your domain in real-time - on one web page. Some subscribers send at pretty high speeds and it's amazing to watch what looks like a normal email inbox scrolling at high speed with incoming messages. 

  • An API. You can access all your private domain email via API (the API happens to work for the public system as well)
  • Message Rules. It's your domain - it's your rules. You can say "All email that arrives at" should be auto-forwarded to my gmail account". Or "all the links in the email should be automatically clicked". Or "the email should be converted to JSON and forwarded to this webhook". It's a pretty powerful system.
If you're using Mailinator for testing your Email Workflow, it'd be worth your time to try out the Private system. The advantages are real. Try out a  Free Trial today.

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