Monday, December 5, 2011

RickRolling 1000 people a day

I wrote previously about the voracity of some folks to discover Mailinator's list of alternate domains.  If you recall, the point of alternate domains are, to me anyway, to alleviate the worry that websites might 'ban' email addresses ending in the domain.

People use Mailinator when they want to use a website but not give out their primary email for fear of future spam. Preventing that use is asking the customer to reassess a decision they've already made (not wanting to give out their real email) which of course might result in their answer being "nah".

Or, of course they could decide to simply go create a fake yahoo account. That takes a few minutes and before Mailinator, when I tried that I often found myself losing interest in the whole idea before I was done.

In my last blog post I mentioned we get emails similar to this from time to time:

Hi! Love your service. Can you send me the exhaustive, comprehensive, and complete list of alternate domains so I can pick a nice one that suits my individual personal style? kThxBai

And when I say from "time to time", I mean like last week too.  Giving out that list of course would be completely counterproductive to the point of having the alternate domains.

I did some minor front-page spruce-ups this weekend (like the dinosaur eating spam?) including giving a relatively real-time count of the amount of email Mailinator gets in the last day  (15 million when I just glanced at the homepage), I made the randomly-generated names more readable, and matched them up with alternate domains as examples.

In addition,  I added a bunch more alternate domains. Also if you recall, you can point your own spare domains at Mailinator  and send email to those - then you have your own Mailinator alternate domain!

At this  time there are literally several hundred (maybe over 1000, have to check) alternate domains.

It occurred to me though, that  I might be able thwart some of the people emailing asking for a full alternate-domain list by actually giving them a link where they can see the only version of the full list I'm willing  to publish.  You'll see it on the homepage as:

Want to see a list of ALL Mailinator alternate domains?

I made the link small and didn't expect many people to click it. Maybe just the curious few. Well, to my surprise, the curious few turned out to be about 1000 a day. Nice. I surely underestimated the number of curious people out there.

Feel free to click yourself, but don't expect to actually see a list of any domains  Oh, and enjoy the video. :) : Anatomy of a Spammy Campaign

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