Wednesday, October 31, 2007

new Mailinator alternate domains - (including

With the site redesign we hadn't gotten around to re-add the alternate domains to Mailinator (i.e., these are domains that are equivalent to, so sending email to is the same as sending email to

The delay was in part this was due to all the new domains we added. Well, here is the list. Note this is NOT the complete list - because in general, we don't know what the complete list is. Anyone (even you!) can point any domain you like at and it will happily accept the email sent to that domain. So if you have a domain or two laying around - feel free to point it to us! (and let us know!)

Here's the list ! (note: capitalization doesn't matter, just added for effect) is the same as:

We'll get these on the site very soon.


Love the new domain names. Thanks for your commitment to this service.

Excellent. A nice Christmas present!

Hello. Just leaving a message to thank you for the fab service. I have used it many times and been of much help.

Thanks !

any new domains added?

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Just another grateful user of mailinator! Thank yOU!

A sincere and hard felt thank you. Please accept Paypal donnations, please!

Thank you!

// Artem S. Tashkinov

Mailinator is great for alternate accounts on games and such. Keep up the good work. (By the way, thanks for the alt domain names)

Hi it's Kamil!

I set another alternate domain up here:
And, I plan to make a few more ;)