Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And then there were 12 (million emails per day that is)

Sorry for the long silence, but it should definitely not be construed as a lack of activity. We've been very busy working on the "next big thing", not to mention some fun stuff for Mailinator.

And just in time, Mailinator's user count is at an all time high. And so is the spam count! We hit an all-time high of an 12million emails/day this week. Thats 500k emails an hour, 8333 emails a min, and 138 emails a second. Still of course on our single mailinator server (holding up several thousand simultaneous connections).

Damn, you go spammers. : Anatomy of a Spammy Campaign

Mailinator is a popular disposable email service. It's also become a great tool for QA Teams to test email receipt, acknowledgment, au...