Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Schaa-wing! - Mailinator on N3rd.tv

I have no fricken idea what these guys are saying, but how cool is this!?

N3rd.Tv Episode 0x1E


java said...

I was first introduced to this site by BBC's Click Online program, where Kate listed this in her webscape.. since then i have been telling many of my friends about this site and everyone is very excited about this..


Anonymous said...

Here is a bit of a review i read about mailinator


Paul Awesome man

Anonymous said...

It's Dutch, and I'm Dutch :-D They're explaining what Mailinator is, and what you can use it for. Also, the left guys says that Mailinator has launched a blog where the creator explains how Mailinator was created and whatfor.

N3rd.tv is not a real TV station, it's just 2 amateur guys recording their own TV thingy, it's not really well-known in the Netherlands...

Btw, I like the left guys T-shirt. If you're dumb and don't know what it means: All your base are belong to us :D

legel said...

Indeed, I confirm : they're very enthousiastic about mailinator, and even more about the blog article in which you're explaining how mailinator really works.

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