Friday, April 20, 2007

Mailinator Alternate Domains

There is a perpetual list of alternate domains that receive mailinator email. That is, if you find a site bans (after several years, its surprising how few actually do) you can use one of these instead - then still check the email at



Peter said...

Hi Paul,
Here's my take from the list-owner pov. At first I got irritated at these disposable email services.

People who want access to my site and/or my ebook can sign up for "free".

But with mailinator et al I have no way of staying in touch with them afterwards, even though I use a double opt-in aweber system which they can bail from anytime.

The other thing that bothered me was that I felt as if they were labelling me as a spammer without even giving me a try.

I thought of banning you and others but then I figured why bother.

If they really get some value out of my ebook or my site then they'll come back. It's up to me to give them that value... although now and then it's real tempting to hit delete on the odd disposable address I see coming through :)

But I just let it go.

Carry on :)

Anonymous said...

Peter that is great for you but most people aren't responsible with the data provided to them at all.

Websites get hacked all the time either by XSS or other techniques. If that happened to your site then someone would have your users email and possibly the same password they use for their email.

a said...

Peter, the fact that they are using mailinator to sign up to you site indicates that they don't want you to stay in touch with them afterwards.

Leave us alone!

Anonymous said...

cool thanks :) : Anatomy of a Spammy Campaign

Mailinator is a popular disposable email service. It's also become a great tool for QA Teams to test email receipt, acknowledgment, au...