Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What Spam is Mailinator getting - RIGHT Now?

If you read the Mailinator architecture article (post below), you know that Mailinator filters lots of emails in order to handle the millions it gets each day. Now, one way to do that is to filter bulk email. After all, the purpose of Mailinator is to get an email here or there for signing up for stuff or whatever - typically, you don't care about reading the latest in bulk email (as I'm sure you get enough of that in your own email account).

So, if enough emails with the same subject comes in, in a short enough period of time, we stop accepting them. And keep a note that we shouldnt receive these emails anymore. Of course, converting that information from a crufty data structure to a shiny web page is just an hour of hacking away. So, here's the webpage:

Web Page: Banned Subjects

In SystemCountBoxSubject
2h23m26s1019lmyfaqnRE: Marcenaria: Curso Completo com
2h23m23s953oeonlygchlmdyhCialis Shop
2h23m34s924nahvzovamktiViagra Shop
2h23m32s399semsprjskinumsWe are ready to give you a loan
1h2m31s380shadow007Short 30 second form
2h23m26s375barbaraamRefinance approved

This page is in BETA! It will change some. Its also only updated every minute or so.


Some of these emails get totally deleted (instead of a few initial copies that are entered before we figure out we're about to get about 9 zillion of them). So if you goto a mailbox looking for one of these spams and its empty, its because the email got deleted for other reasons (i.e., its a bounce message, it had a trigger word ("viagra", "schoolgirl", etc) in its title).

Also, the time "In System" indicates when we first saw that message at all. So if it says like 35minutes, then we've been receiving a steady stream of those spams for 35 minutes. Once the steady stream stops (for a few minutes), it will leave the list.

Suggestions welcome!
(I do plan to have a xml feed for this eventually, if you'd make use of that, let me know)

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