Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Received over 5million emails today

It is at 5,178,247 at the moment to be exact. Thats 59 a second. I'm really starting to wonder what the limit is (I'm sure some DOS'r will let me know someday :) ).

The eensy little single Athlon 2100 server is *still* not breaking a sweat.

EDIT: Yeah, that was a short lived record - one day later, we're at 6.1million


Alternativa said...

Damm .... I hope u cant get down!
Congrats for ur 6 millon emails!!!

Rogério said...

Let them spam! :D
Great job with mailinator!!

I use it since 2004 all the time!
So simple, so perfect!
Thank you so much for the the hard work,

Anonymous said...

Care to share how much bandwidth your service needs?

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