Friday, January 19, 2007

Spam surge still surging

Crazy crazy. Daily volume has hit a new high of just over 5million emails (with one hourly peak heading for a 6.5million/day rate - or 4513/min or 75/sec).

One interesting phenomenon is the number of socket timeouts mailinator gets. Any SMTP gurus out there? The IPs I've tracked on this very often seem to go to dsl lines and such. I'm thinking these are zombie systems sending at a slow rate to avoid detection.

Now I don't care much if I lose emails from zombie computers (as its always junk no one wants) - but if they really do send slowly - this might be a metric to differentiate such emails on other SMTP servers.

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Zefa said...

A mate of mine also wrote a java SMTP server. He has had loads of connection failures with JDK1.4 and 5. When Sun JDK6 came out he installed it and he reckons his socket connection problems have gone. If you haven't already, try JDK6 - I believe it can be up to 60% faster than 1.5. - Paul. : Anatomy of a Spammy Campaign

Mailinator is a popular disposable email service. It's also become a great tool for QA Teams to test email receipt, acknowledgment, au...