Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mailinator + Slack. Because you need more disposable email !

Mailinator is happy to announce Slack integration across the public email system. That's right, you can now fetch and subscribe to Mailinator inboxes right from your Slack channel and get notified (in real-time) when an email arrives.

 First, you need a Mailinator account (free - and you can even use a Mailinator email address to signup for one). Then authorize your Slack channel to attach to your Mailinator account. Then just issue /mailinator commands in your Slack channel!

/mailinator help

/mailinator fetch [any_inbox_name]

/mailinator subscribe [any_inbox_name]

/mailinator unsubscribe [any_inbox_name]

You need more disposable email and here's another way to get it !

Get more info/activate at:

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