Monday, September 21, 2009

More Alternate Domains !

I've added a few more alternate domains. If you've never used them, they are simply other domains (for example, that forward all email to Mailinator.

Simply, if you send email to - or - it works exactly the same way and your email will arrive in the "fred" inbox at Mailinator both ways.

You can find alternate domains (including the new ones mixed in) on the front page of Mailinator on the left column.

I'll be sneaking more into the rotation soon!


Readers: Of course, feel free to point your own domain MX record there to have mailinator handle mail at your domain too.

that's cool that more alternatives are being added.

Pointing your own domain is pretty clever; I have at least one I'm going to add an MX record for.

Mailinator is fantastic for testing my sign-up and "forgot password" handlers! Not sure what I would do without it.


Thank you. Just thank you for all you have done. I use your service frequently and appreciate it a lot!

I just love Mailinator :)

I was excited after I tested it with my own arbitrary domain and it worked :D

It can also be used to fool spammers who think of it as an open relay!

I've added an alternate domain of my own:

This pretty much guarantees that I'll have a disposable address that won't be bocked. :-P

The more domains, the better.Otherwise it will get blocked very easily.And the mailinator service will become unusable.Excellent work.10x

Mailinator Is So Epic.

Ever Since I Used Mailinator, I Stopped Using My Original Email, Which Is GMail.

Mailinator Is Such An Easy-To-Use Mailing System.

I Love It.

Thanks :)

You are the best :) Thanks

Great service you rule!!!