Monday, January 21, 2008

Your own private Mailinator

As you probably know, Mailinator has a always-growing list of alternate domains. However, those are just the domains sponsored by us.

In truth - Mailinator accepts ANY email you fling at it*. In other words - you can setup your OWN personal domains simply by setting your MX record (i.e. through your registrar or DNS server) to point your mail delivery to Mailinator!

Simply put - if you own, you can simply change that domain's MX record to point to and all email you send to will then end up in Mailnator.

You can publicize this fact - or you can keep your personal alternate domain a secret and have your own private Mailinator !

*pursuant to normal draconian Mailinator email rejection criteria including but not limited to hate email, unlawful email, etc.


My own mailinator.... Hmm.... I love this feature. :)
Thank you for providing this great tools for combating spam issue.

There is one noteworthy caveat to the "private mailinator" concept: emails still go to public mailboxes. In other words, mail to the aforementioned "" would end up in the regular "stinkywinky" mailbox, accessible by anyone from the mail page.
It's not so much a "private mailinator", as it is a "personalized mailinator address". Still really cool though!! :D

John Q., you said it would end up in the regular stinkywinky mailbox. That means you could use alternate mailbox names... DUH!

Thanks mailinator, you've done good to me in the past. :)

I looove this feature.:) thank you mailinator.

i love mailinator, i can't remember when I first used it, but easily 10 years..

glad to come back and see it's working!

this domain thing sounds candy to me btw :)

mailinator wasn't around 10 years ago

If I could just have an anonymous mailinator, so others won't be able to read my mails I forward to

Glad to know you have this feature.
I just added sub-domains of my domain name to point to and I will use those sub-domains.
Thank you for your wonderful service.

I have used a suggested names a few times, one more notable than others, I have noticed that other people have used the same name and deleted messages to me.
Can this be avoided at all when using suggested name by mailinator?
Please add this feature, it would be more secure then

i set my mx records to HOST MAIL SERVER to and its not working. how long for it to work or I did not set up properly

The best anti-spam solution I ever used. Absolutely great! Thank you very much Mailinator Team! Love you!


I have domain, and i want to create a subdomain and point mx to ? i use cpanel? help

Very nice. Feel free to use mailinator alias
I'll keep mailinator MX record valid until 19th Dec 2013 (then domain expires).

If you're worried about other people deleting your messages, don't use a short mailbox name or a suggested one, pick an account name that's long and that nobody else will guess.

Like, for example. (No, don't use that one!).

Fascinating. I love it.

This is awesome.

I have a feature request :)

I suggest that you make it possible that one's own domain appears in the alternative domains list.

So if you receive an email via a new domain, check if its MX record actually points to mailinator, and that some extra record is present that indicates consent of the domain owner to appear in the list.

I use it for almost 5 years now. Love it so much and keep up the good work!