Monday, October 8, 2007

Mailinator gots new shoes!


Looking good!

I miss the mailto: link for the disposable address, but I can understand the change to plaintext/link to inbox.

But could you change the inbox page just a little? It would speed things up quite a bit on my side: e.g. on I'd like to double-click the email address (this will let me quickly copy it with just another click).

So replacing "Inbox for: pojpfyvkrugf" with "Inbox for:" would be great.

I'm sure people who need an alternate domain can figure out to select just the username.

Yeah, I was one of those who mentioned the not-really-missing RSS feed, and now I feel all guilty.

Thank you very much for providing a very useful service. If I didn't sound appreciative before, it's only because I didn't want you to step backwards.

Sweet post!

Thanks for a really useful service! I think Mailinator is great. I'm going to write a post about it in my blog soon. I hope it helps to spread the word.

Dear Anonymous,

You certainly weren't the only one to mention we'd left out the RSS link. We did leave it out, and thank you for mentioning it.

So please don't feel guilty over it. We were only going for a cheap laugh.



I like the look. I like the service. I love your style!

All power to you, Mailinator - a much-admired and much-used service.


wow, so much faster and responsive. thanks for keeping up with this much needed service. I hope you get a million using the Server Beach referrer code!

wish: please have an option to view the raw message. I just tried to check out's free ftp service, and the account activation message they sent is not rendered propely. There are line wraps in the middle of words and = (eq sign) everywhere and at least one missing word (the activation code).

so long, and thanks for all the (spam-free) fish!