Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Received over 5million emails today

It is at 5,178,247 at the moment to be exact. Thats 59 a second. I'm really starting to wonder what the limit is (I'm sure some DOS'r will let me know someday :) ).

The eensy little single Athlon 2100 server is *still* not breaking a sweat.

EDIT: Yeah, that was a short lived record - one day later, we're at 6.1million


Damm .... I hope u cant get down!
Congrats for ur 6 millon emails!!!

Let them spam! :D
Great job with mailinator!!

I use it since 2004 all the time!
So simple, so perfect!
Thank you so much for the the hard work,

Care to share how much bandwidth your service needs?